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How Often Should I Post On My Blog?-Find Out Now!

Alright, how often should I post on my blog? This is one question that many newbies ask How often should I post on my blog when they start off newly in the website/blogging business. And most of us would really like to plan on how to be posting on our website in order to have time for other things like family and stuff.

It is going to be amazing if you can find a posting schedule that will help keep your audience and Search Engines happy and yet be in control of when and where you work. After all, that is the idea of starting up a website for most of us. We would like to have freedom of time and money, right? That’s right!

However, website business can sometimes be overwhelming with the fact that you have to first of all build up your website, think and consider the right plugins to use. After all that, then you have to come up with topics to write about and how often you should keep NEW and FRESH content coming up on your website. Really, it can be overwhelming but can be a lot easier if you plan yourself very well.

Niche Determines How Often You Post To Your  Blog

The type or topic of website you own will determine how often you are suppose to post on your blog. For example, if you own a gossip or news website, then you may want to be posting more than a post daily. Depending on how the news or gossip you want to cover comes along. Your audience would want to be getting the latest and hot news/gossip from you. And if you cannot come up with that, then there might be a problem because they would simply look for another website that can give them what they want.

If you own a cooking or how to make money online website, you may decide to be posting daily, twice or even once in a week. You may even decide to be posting monthly if you wish. But it is best to post twice and consistently in a week, that way your old and new visitors will be happy and keep on coming around, and ultimately the search engines will give some credit to your site by ranking it accordingly.

Recently, I needed sometime because of my tight schedule, so I started posting once a week against twice in a week. At first, I noticed that my indexed pages were un-indexed and CTR (click through rate) declined. Why was that? Because the number of my posts per week reduced and I was inconsistent. Now, that is the kind of thing you would experience if you are posting less and inconsistently. The Google ROBOT CRAWLER might have crawled my website at the time it use to crawl and find new post, but found none, then they decided that my website was no longer ACTIVE as it us to be.

Posting Consistently Is The Key

One thing you should know is that, if you have decided to be posting daily, twice or once in How often should I post on my bloga week or even once in a month, you should make sure that you are consistent. Decide on the number of times you should be posting on your website and keep at it.

After I decided to be posting once in week against twice in a week, I maintained the schedule and Google re-indexed my pages but the CTR is still not as it use to be though. Do not try to be posting inconsistently and try to make up for it by writing a two page post. That will not help, it is better to write a short engaging post that is coming consistently than to write a two page post that is inconsistent. I hope you get the idea; the Google Robot will always like to see new post at a scheduled time.


As a matter of fact, it is you that should know how regular your post should be. Plan by brain storming on topics you can write about. If you are able to get up to 12 topics, that will be OK for posting twice in a week which will last for a month or so. But if you can come up with 50 topics, you will have to decide if posting daily is what you can do. In all, remember, whatever you decide, you will have to keep to that system (consistent) as long as you own that website.

I really do hope I was able to answer your question as to how often you should be posting on your blog. If you have any further question, comment or contribution, do not hesitate to drop it at the comment box below.