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 Is Inbox Pounds Legit? See all the Secrets!

 Is Inbox Pounds Legit? See all the Secrets!

With the emergence of all different kinds of money making programs on the internet, one would be amazed at the number of them that are a scam. I am sorry to say this, but for the fact I have seen it all the period of time I have been online, there is way too many money making programs or products online. These make it very difficult for one to make a wise decision as to the one to pitch a tent with because there are so so many of them. And the only way is to do your homework by doing an in-depth research on anyone you fancy. Just as you would Google, is Inbox Pounds Legit?

Every damn time you spend looking up any program you are interested in is worth the time and effort otherwise you might just sign up blindly and end up wasting time, effort and even money on some crappy program.  So, I have diligently looked at Inbox Pounds just as I have always done with any of my reviews. In a short while, you will know if Inbox Pounds is legit or not.

What is Inbox Pounds?

It will be right to start by knowing what Inbox Pounds is all about, what they claim to do and how true that claim is.

So, Inbox Pounds, www.inboxpounds.co.uk is an online program that engages in several online activities they claim that could make you money if you subscribe to them. It is owned by InboxPounds Limited, a said to be registered in Wales and England and the subsidiary of the American Corporation CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. The idea behind the Inbox Pounds is to bring Advertisers and consumers together as is the case with Be the Boss Network only that the latter brings companies and consumers (people that wish to make money online) together and they serve as the middle person.

Inbox Pounds brings the advertisers to you and gets compensation for doing so and shares it with you.

How Do You Make Money With Inbox Pounds?

Like I said earlier, Inbox Pounds brings advertisers that would what you to read emails, complete a survey, play games and even participating in testing a product! Did I hear you, say wow? Well, at least, that’s what Inbox Pounds Claims. How much you make from the tasks differs depending on what you do. For instance, if you are taking surveys, you can make between 0.20 pounds to 0.50 pounds, this are standard surveys. There are other ways you can up your survey earnings and that is by joining MySurvey panel where you can make anywhere from 1 Pound to up to 5 pounds per survey.

They also do pay for reading emails or playing games although the pay scale for these ones is really not clear. They partner with Gap, Banana Republic and Best Guy for Online shopping.

The task that pays you more in Inbox Pounds is referral; however, they will share 10% of your referral’s earnings with you. So, I think it is a better way of making something substantial than having to go through taking surveys and end up being paid peanuts.

Is Inbox Pounds Legit?

This is the time for the big question but there is one more thing I forgot to chip in earlier, let me do so now. If you make up to 20 pounds (which is their eligible payment threshold) you can ask for your money to be sent you, which would be mailed to you as a cheque. Don’t expect to get paid if you don’t request for it even though you have reached the threshold, they only process payment once in a week. So, if you request for a payment then you will have to wait for a week after the request.

Now, that brings us to issue of legitimacy! Are they legit; are they really what they claim they are? I will like to start by the complaints of people that have already used it, they say, it is very difficult to get your money or get paid at the end of the day. These are some of the things they say they experienced.

  • There was no cheque- In their complaints, this was the most common and nobody could actually give the reason why these cheques never arrived.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to get a positive result each time they try to follow up their cheques which would make them give up and abandon Inbox Pounds.
  • They claim to send you some free samples for you to review but the problem is that it is not ‘FREE’ after all as they will request you pay for postage and handling. I think it is not free if I will have to pay for shipping.
  • They offer several ways to make money in Inbox Pounds but the most popular and one that pays a little more aside referral, is taking surveys. But did you know that when you are taking survey half way into it you will be told you are not qualified for that survey? You know what that means? It means that you are not getting paid for all time you have spent taking the survey. And this happens almost all the time and I guess it is frustrating.
  • Someone once said that getting paid in Inbox Pounds is like watching paint dry because it will take time for you to accumulate any decent payment. This takes months to make a decent payment so if have any urgent bills to pay you don’t have to rely on that. Also, that you make higher payouts when you get to Gold status, but the problem is that the surveys stop coming once you attain this level.  Then tell me, does it worth all these troubles to subscribe to Inbox Pounds? After going through all these troubles you have to again remind them to pay you, and keep on checking your mailbox to see if the cheque has arrived.
  • If you happen to be inactive for a period of time your account could be shut down. Therefore, you have to work yourself out to keep the account active. In their terms of service they claim to pay you what you were owed when they shut down your account, but often times they don’t and it is difficult to get them to pay you because of their limited contact information.


So, the question again, is Inbox Pounds legit? I think you can see the writing on the wall. Even if someone can argue that it isn’t a scam but I won’t dare recommend it to my worst enemy. It is just too time consuming and frustrating and upon that you make almost nothing because of the odds that would be against you on purpose by them.

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