The Affilorama Scam-Or Is It Legit

Affilorama is one of the online companies that claim to provide training and resources for affilorama_2-min[1]wannabe online entrepreneurs as well as experienced ones. Really, it got me interested when I came across Affilorama online and with their offers!

You know, they (Affilorama) say; ‘learn how to make money online as an affiliate, promote other people’s products and make money for yourself. We show you how! Create your free Affiloram membership and start today!’ Those are the remarks you will see if you visit their website, right? But that is not all there is! I really don’t know why these online companies don’t get to explain their policies on registration in detail. However, that is why websites like ours that review them are relevant!

Affilorama was founded by Mark Ling,  in 2005 and who is also the owner of ‘rocket piano’ and ‘jamorama’.

They offer a FREE membership in Affilorama, a $1 thirty day premium membership trial, a $67 premium membership per month or $497 for three years plus upsells.

They basically offer a step by step training of how to become a successful Affiliate Online Entrepreneur to beginners and the experienced. Though they offer quite valuable training that is good for FREE.

They will try to persuade you to upgrade to premium membership; after all, Affilorama is a business website, therefore there is bound to sell pitches for things you have not paid for.

Affilorama FREE Membership

As a free member, you will be able to gain access to a very good number of training videos, texts and also interviews with very successful Affiliate Marketers. Through these materials, you will be able to learn something valuable for FREE!

And the stuff you learn from the FREE membership program is basically things like the building of your website, content creation to PPC and Search Engine Optimization-SEO.

Premium Membership

Offers more advanced training than the basic (Free); interviews with successful Online Entrepreneurs and the Bootcamp videos. It also has content already created for your chosen niche such as the 30 ‘high quality’ PLR article, free hosting for 15 domains, member’s forum and free member tools.



Aside from the $67 monthly for the premium membership, there are other sells that will be pitched to you to buy such as these:

  • Affilo Blueprint 3.0 Membership is $197, which if you subscribe to, you will get a package that includes 13 lessons, 85 videos which cover training and topics from niche marketing, affiliate marketing, and research, 6 WordPress Themes that is intended toward PPC. Note that this package does not usually come with any support if you want to support you will have to subscribe to Affilorama Premium which is $67 monthly.
  • Affilo Jetpack Membership is a $497 package created by Mark Ling to help subscribers/affiliate marketers to promote his products and services. Which I must admit contains some valuable resources such as having access to the following within the membership:
  • You will get 5 niche packages of your choice out of the available 10
  • 15 Newsletter Email Series
  • 3 E-books
  • Graphics for each niche
  • You will have access to the Affilo Theme
  • 20 Private Label Right Articles

Then you have the Affilo Theme which cost $97, and this is what comes with this package:

  • Graphics Creation Tool
  • Affilo Theme
  • Video training on how to use it
  • One year of hosting
  • Private Members Only Forum

My Views

Well, there are obviously good and valuable things to gain from Affilorama! You will learn a lot and have some amazing tools to work with. However, the upsells are unnecessary and cooltext118623122096277-min[1]overpriced to me.

For example, how could I pay $497 Affilo JetPack that will basically teach me how to promote Affilorama’s products and services, which will, in turn, be benefiting Affilorama by the time I started making sales and sending in referrals. I think it is overpriced don’t you think so? It is kind of outrageous to me thinking about the idea of paying to teach me how to promote your product, even though I will also gain from it after all. But folks, it is still very unreasonable!

Aside from their unreasonable upsells, I generally think that Affilorama is good and LEGIT. I will give them 7 out 10 marks. Well, that is my own evaluation and I believe it’s OK!

If you have any contributions or comments, please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box below.

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