Tumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger

Tumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger

When you decide to build a website or start a blog there are so many things you need to consider in order to start off on the right path. As a matter of fact, making the decision to start a blog is just a concept that is yet to be developed into a reality, and to bring this into reality one of the things you should be considering is what type of publishing platform will best suit your concept. And that is where Tumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger come into play.

These publishing platforms have their advantages on different kinds of concept and personality that would be using them. There are free versions as well as paid versions. Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger are the three major blogging platforms widely used by bloggers and business owners. More interestingly, these blog platforms were designed for certain audience and purposes.

For instance, WordPress is mostly used by many professionals because of its plugins and upgrades that allow the owner to design to taste.While Tumblr is best for community type of publishing and photography. Blogger I would say is for part time bloggers and even for professionals too, because there are some professionals that have been successful using this platform. Its simplicity and easy to use make a lot of people that feel they are not computer-savvy to opt for it.

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Like I earlier said, Tumblr is best for photography presentation and good for an audience Tumblr vs WordPress vs Bloggerthat is visually oriented. Those that would love to present and interpret their passion visually would surely love to use this platform. Tumblr allows you to set up and manage a free blog with hosting as long as you have ‘’Tumblr’’ in your domain’s name. It is also easy to design and get your blog up and running in no time, just like Posterous.

There are two steps to setting up a Tumblr account, the first is that you have to provide an email address and the second one you have to fill in the name you wish to give to your blog. An image is expected to be uploaded to your profile; if you don’t have any your webcam is suggested to be used for a quick headshot.

Tumblr is also good for users that wish to have a catalogue of things on the internet. However, if you are looking forward to having a fully customized site and blogging about an interest in an in-depth fashion, then Tumblr is not for you.



WordPress has two products but similar, that is .com and .org. WordPress.com offers freeTumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger hosting and provides thousands of customizable themes and plugins that help upgrade and enhance the website. These plugins are quite easy to use with the help of the widgets; you can simply add or remove any feature on the website.

While .org has an entirely new level of customization compared to .com, nevertheless, both are free while users can opt for upgrade packages that will require some cash if they need additional features. The upgrades vary from basic to business packages which cost more. WordPress is believed to be a turbocharged powerhouse with every possible plugin, widgets, and add-on one can imagine. It is a microblogging platform that is great for an average blogger to a professional.

Additionally, it is a full-fledged content management system (CMS) which makes it stand out and better than the other two. WordPress gives room for business expansion and professionalism. For instance, if you wish to have more contributors like admins, editors, and authors whom will contribute or assist in the development of the blog, WordPress would allow that.

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This is yet another widely used platform by many. It is undeniably one of the mostTumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger preferred especially by people that do not intend to spend cash on hosting or do not really wish to bother their heads with some plugins and widgets. Good for people that would want to start making money through Google Adsense in no time. In fact, Google has made it to be desired ever since they acquired it by incorporating and integrating some of the Google features such as Google Adsense and Google Plus.

You can easily and conveniently apply for Google Adsense from within and also monitor stats. of visitors to your site and from which country. It is also worthy to mention the fact that it is the oldest of the three. Its drag and drop theme made it the simplest platform to manage, however, its plugins and widgets are limited

But this service is a very good one for those that are just starting out in the blogging world because they can set up their blog without the hassle and in no time. I would prefer to use these words, ‘’Blogger is simply simplified!’’



These publishing platforms have their pros and cons but in a nutshell, I will go for WordPress, if I wish to blog professionally or intend to expand; I will go for Tumblr if I wish to set up a small image catalogue and I will go for Blogger if I wish to blog without the intention of using a lot of plugins and widgets.

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