Walter Green Free Money System Review- Exposed!

Walter Green Free Money System Review- Exposed!

Walter Green Free Money System Review will break down everything you need to know about this system. This system is yet another app or software similar to Market buster, which promises to make you rich overnight. This type of system is no more new on the internet because there are several of them with different styles of hypes and sales approach. But they have one thing in common, which is the done-for-you system. How in the world will I not like a system, software, or a bot, whatever to make me money while I go to bed or better still worry about how to spend the money?

Hardly will you find anyone in the world that doesn’t want that kind of lifestyle but the thing is that, is it really true? I always say to people, if the software does all they claim it can do why then are they trying so hard with hypes to lure people into using it? Why can’t they use it themselves and never have to beg anyone to use the system? These are simple questions that tell you that these systems don’t work; they only use it to make money for themselves.

Let’s look at Walter Green Free Money System; just for the record, there is no such thing as free money! The name alone is a big turn off for me, but I will do it the honor of looking deeper into it to know exactly what it is, how it works and all that. You too can also learn and understand if it a good system as they claim.

What is Walter Green Free Money System?

Free Money System is basically a Done-for-you system that could be used in trading Binary Options and makes a whole lot of money; thanks to the system. Walter Green is considered the front man of this software, who says you could make millions using this software. As a matter of fact, he says that 152 people have become millionaires by simply using his automated product. He also says that his system has made about $189,671,458 just in 90 days! Every time I see a number like that, I say to myself, why are there still poor people in the world? Because such system would have made everyone rich if it is that simple, don’t you think? But then, when I see people talk like that, I perceive a SCAM.

If you are already in it, I will advise that you get out at once, but if you are planning to get in, just hold on until you finished reading this review.

How does it Work?

Now, it is free to register but you have to fund your account with $200 in order to be able to use it. Oh, wait a minute! I thought that was supposed to be free money system. OK, forgive me, Walter Green meant that you have to start with $200 in order to get the free money, what a lame claim. However, he says the system is compactable with all the Binary Options platforms, but then, there is no support or contact information on the side of Walter Green just in case anything goes wrong and you need to contact the support for help. Now, do you still think you would put your $200 in this?!

Why is Free Money System a Scam?

There are many red flags that suggested that this system is just a scam. I don’t easily consider programs or services to be a scam or call them scam but this one is overwhelming. There are many reasons, but let me show you some.

Few spots left– If you have watched the sales video, you may have heard Walter Green saying, ‘’you are lucky because there are just a few spots left’’, that means you should hurry to register for your own system. But this video has been there for like months still saying ‘’few spots left’’.

Walter Green a Hired Man– Walter Green may have been a hired man and not the real person that owns this system. If you take a look just below the ‘’Click Here’’ button on the website you will notice a ‘’disclaimer’’ and ‘’risk disclosure’’, which says in the former that ‘’The Millioniares Blueprint Sales video is FICTITIOUS and was produced to PORTRAY the POTENTIAL of the Millionaires Blue print 3rd party signals Softwares. ACTORS have been used to present this opportunity and it should be VIEWED for ENTERTAINMENT purposes’’. And they went ahead to say that they do not guarantee income or success!

While the ‘’Risk Disclaimer’’ tells you the risks involved in trading Binary Options. Then, what else or evidence do you need to know that this is a scam! See screen shot of this disclaimer from their site.

Walter Green Free Money System Review- Exposed!

Video Claims are Bogus– When you watch the video, you will see a table with overwhelming numbers, where Walter Green shows that you could make over $189 million, but that right there is fake because I was able to Google EPF INVESTMENT ASSET GROWTH that is shown on that table and discovered it has to do with Malaysian Government statistics of some kind. See the similarities of the two tables below, the first one is that of Walter Green and the other is that of the Malaysian Government I found on the internet.

Walter Green Free Money System Review- Exposed!

Walter Green Free Money System Review- Exposed!


Seriously, I will say run! And don’t look back because everything about this Free Money System is raising a red flag from their claims to their video presentation. However, I must admit I would have fallen for their sales video if I didn’t know any better and so would many newbies fall into this deep dark trap.

You may reason, and say, how about these people that testified in the video that this system works? If an ACTOR could be hired to make their video, then all those people could have been actors, and sadly enough, no way to contact them or any of these persons they claimed to have made millionaires.

If you are really interested in trading Binary Options, then I would suggest you start from here. Just for you to know, I don’t have any affiliation with the recommended link and I don’t even like trading Forex or Binary Options because of the number of times I got burnt. What I do now is affiliate marketing, so if you wish to join me and learn how to set up your own online business based on your passion then click here to join for free. However, I must tell you that, this is not an instant money making program but one that is very sure to make you money to even become rich through hard work and consistency.

If you have any question, feel free to post in the comment box below.

4 thoughts on “Walter Green Free Money System Review- Exposed!

  1. Yes, I do agree.
    Free Money System is a scam. That’s absolutely for sure.
    I would never consider joining a program like this.
    Thanks to you and your informative and detailed review about this program.
    I don’t think it’s possible to make so much money with this program either.
    I think the people on the top take advantage of the people purchasing this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s sad that people actually fall for these scams. After all who could think that you can earn nearly 2 million dollars in 3 months without extensive investment or time? Even heavy duty entrepreneurs who could make that kind of money would have spent a fortune of their own money and be working constantly. I hate companies that take advantage of others in such a way.

    1. That’s correct Evie, it is unfortunate that people fall for this type of scam, but we are doing our best to reveal them and help newbies get the right direction that they need.

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