1. Dillon

    Hello, I’m actually going to start at the end of your page here because I think you hit the nail on the head.

    People need to be ready mentally before they start out with their online business. Most people just see the money sign and forget that they need commitment to get that money. And as you say, it takes will power to not get distracted as you take the first steps.

    You do have some interesting transcript jobs in your article. I have never heard of those types of job for a home business, but I guess it does make sense a bit.

    What I like about your approach to introductions and reviews of other home business ventures is that they get straight to the point. I really do hate this beating around the bush that most website have just to ‘fill’ their pages.

    Thanks for the info!

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Dillon, and yes transcript jobs have been around for a while, it is just that people are not aware of it. So, they are really ways to make money at home, beside the super way I just mentioned at the end of the post.

      I also like to be concise with my writing, in order not to confuse my readers, rather than helping them. Because that is the essence of my business.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hello! Lovely post and very informative. I never knew that there are so many ways to make money online. Being a transcriptionist sounds great and I would certainly want to try it. Thank you for sharing! Great work!

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Katerina, sure there are so many ways to make money online. Did you know you can even sell your old stuffs like books, cloths online? That is the power of the internet for you.

  3. Richard

    what a clean site you have here, i love it.
    You article is educative and informative. I agree with you, there are thousand and one scam sites out there, i was once a victim in my quest to make extra income from the net.
    What is the last image link in the article all about? could not understand the page it led to, please, need some explanation as i am still learning. Thanks, all the best,God bless you.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Richard, the last link/banner is all about an affiliate marketing program that could help to set up anyone aspiring to have an online business that will thrive. There are resources and support for those that are struggling to make a living online. Just check it out or click here for more details, it is free.

  4. This is such a cool post! I am going to book mark this page, because I would love to try some of your suggestions and thanks for getting it all in one page that is easy to read.

    Very cool!!

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Krysten for dropping by and I am delighted that you found the post useful to you. Please do visit again.

  5. Great list of money makers. The swagbucks, junk mail and surveys don’t require any skills at all. They don’t pay much but they can be used as leverage. For example, if you’re just starting out online. You may want to buy a website but you don’t have the $10 needed to buy a domain or the $5-10 per month for the hosting. You can do jobs like these for awhile to pay for these items.

    • Nnamdi

      That’s right, you can start off with those if you don’t really have much skills, however, I do recommend transcript jobs, they are fairly OK if you get hired. But if you are looking to make a living online, then, that is a long term goal, just click here for details.

  6. Nnamdi

    That is the online business recipe, commitment and patience, if you have got those, your are set to go.

  7. Dave

    Well, making money out of junk mail does sound interesting. I never thought of that one.
    I’ve heard of Swagbuck before but don’t know much about it. Can it be used here in the UK?
    Plenty to choose, from this post, thanks Nnamdi for taking the time to show us. Will have a look at the junk mail thing especially.

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