Ways to Make Money with Website-7 Proven Ways!

Some people often ask me ways to make money with a website, and I simply tell them theyWays to Make Money with Website-7 Proven Ways! can make money from the website in many different ways, but it is entirely up to them. However, the problem is not ways to make money with the website but how to build that website and drive traffic to it, because, to be honest, you can make money in many different ways with the website. As you build your website and traffic increases, you can always tweak and add ways to make money from the website.

Why am I saying all these? I say these because I have seen people that have barely started in website businesses and they are already looking for ways to make money with a website. But the truth is that would be the least of your worries because ways to make money with the website are the easiest part. First of all, get your website off the ground and fill it with useful and quality contents and persistently and consistently work on it then maybe you should start looking for ways to make money with a website.

That being said, let’s look at ways to make money with the website:

Affiliate Program

This is one most popular way to make money with a website. You can decide to become an affiliate to a company/product owner promoting their products on your website to earn commissions when somebody buys the product(s). Basically, you refer, recommend and drive traffic to the product owner’s website to initiate sales that will, in turn, earn you commissions. You can easily make money from an affiliate program especially if you are promoting a product or service that is related to your website’s niche.

Many website owners are enjoying this program including me because that is the essence of building a website in the first place for most of us.

You can promote as many products/services as possible as long as they have a relationship with the content of your website. It is easy and free to sign up for these affiliate programs. But you should make sure to back and promote products or services you can vouch for in terms good of reputation otherwise, they may have an adverse effect on your business.

Popular Affiliate Networks


Commission Junction



Sell Ads Space

You can sell ads space on your website so long you have enough traffic coming through. What you charge for ads space depends on the quality of your website and the traffic it commands. This is a very good way of earning a steady income without having to worry about how many clicks or impressions the ads have received. You can use your website to advertise for ads placement or use an advertising network to do so. However, the advertising network will charge a huge amount of money on an ad sale you make.

These are some of the popular advertising companies:



Sponsored Content

This is where you earn money and yet add value to your website. Some people that own website may want to have a content featured on your website so that it will help them build a brand too. So, they will be willing to pay you in order to add content related to your niche and written by them on your website.

Don’t confuse this with a paid link because they are two different things. A paid link is the one you will have someone else’s link on your website, which could be a bad idea at times because it could land you into trouble with Google.

You can make anything from $50 to $1000s depending on the traffic your website gets.

Pop-ups and Pop-unders

Some of my audiences use to tell me how annoying these pop-ups or pop-unders were to them. Yes, I admit, it can be annoying but still an effective way to advertise anything you wish to sell to your audience. Especially if your visitors don’t stay long enough to click-through your adverts, this could be another strategy to get it right on their faces and probably get them to click on a related site.

However, this strategy has proven to be effective when your website is having a massive traffic because the earnings come from impressions which are normally low. But if you have hundreds and thousands of them in a month, it will add up to something reasonable.

Pop Ads Advertising Companies:

Pop Ads

Related Posts

This is basically a new one that is not all that know by many website owners. You earn money from related posts by linking to a related post that is being owned by another site instead of yours. Usually, this is done by use of a plugin that will make this possible and it is usually based on cost per click (CPC).

Before you can be considered for this, you must have a quality website with a massive traffic.

These related posts are placed beneath each post so that when a reader gets engaged with your article and reads through to the bottom he may want to click on the related posts beneath to read more.

Related Posts Advertising Companies:




Email Advertising

Do you run a popular newsletter? If you do or plan to start running one then this might be a good one for you. You can sell space in your emails just as you sell on your website. A one-time fee can be charged just to have any ads placed in your emails.

This way you can earn some hundreds of dollars if you target a few thousands of subscribers in your list.

If you wish to get this advert, you can use the ‘’related posts’’ advert companies I listed above.

Sell Your Website

OK, you can sell your website! I know people that build websites, optimize them and sell. This could be yet another way of making money from a website. Your website could be worth a lot if you are already making money with it or have gotten a considerable traffic.

The value of a website can be a few hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the quality and traffic command the website has. Selling a website can be sort of gambling because you might be selling too soon and not being able to reap from it or selling too late when the traffic or sales made by the website has dwindled and this will cost you by selling the website at a giveaway price.

It is advisable to sell when there is consistent stability with the traffic and revenue generation of the website.

Selling a website can really put some good amount of dollars in your bank that will sustain you for some time.

Places to Sell Website




These are ways to make money with a website, at least 7 good ways to milk money from your website. But like I said before you can make money through any of these ways you must have established your website such that it is getting enough traffic. Only then can you monetize it.

If you are having difficulty in bringing your website off the water, I would suggest you join this program that would teach you everything about building a website that will fly.

Do not hesitate to drop your questions, comments or contributions below and do like and share because sharing is caring.