Wealth from Home Team-Read this Before You Join!

Wealth from Home Team is a new program that was just launched on the 1st of October 2015. Owned and founded by Alonzo Brown. I came across this program online and out of curiosity I decided to check it out. As in, find out exactly what it is all about. So I went on a research mode to understand exactly what Wealth from Home Team brings to the table.

You know, there are thousands of online programs and services that promise to help people to create income stream from home, and unfortunately almost all these programs and services turn out to be useless and worthless to the people or worst still the people that subscribe to any of them are ripped off instead. Every day new programs are springing up adding to the already existing ones.

Usually, if there are new programs that are being added to the existing ones, there will be competition and so it will make the founders to be on their toes. Unfortunately that is not the case with the internet; instead it is all about the best strategist who can lure his unsuspecting victim(s) to buy into his program not withstanding if the program is going to benefit or accomplish what he says it will accomplish.

Therefore, it will be wise to do a thorough research and snooping around before signing up for any program online, especially the newbie who barely know how the internet works.

Now, back to the topic of the day, Wealth from Home Team! What is it all about? Is it a scam? How can one make money from Wealth from Home Team? All these we are going to find out in due course of this post.

What is Wealth from Home Team?

Wealth from Home Team is a program that will help you to promote up to 15 links with one link. How is this possible you might add? This is possible when you sign up to Wealth from Home Team. I did sign up in order to understand how this works better. All the current articles about the program on the internet are not saying much but full of appraisals for it.

The thing is that, it is free to sign up, once you do that you are required and allowed to add up to 4 affiliate programs of your own after which you are required again to sign up to another 11 listed companies in order to make an income. Then you will have to promote that single link that is provided by WFHT to make referrals to it. It is more or less a networking/MLM kind of thing, even though many would disagree. However, all these will not be a problem if it is viable to make money through WFHT right?

In a nutshell, Wealth from Home Team serves as an anchor to all of these companies that you have joined and provides you with one single link that will feature all of your other links.

Now let’s look at how you are going to create your income stream through Wealth fromWealth from Home Team-Read this Before You Join! Home Team a little bit deeper. You add your 4 affiliate programs to your WFHT page, and then you are required to sign up to 11 other companies as a criterion in order to earn money from this program. These companies are the likes of Cash in on Banners, Clixsense, EasyHits4U, etc, and if you sign up to all of these programs you will have to work on them in order to make money! Not only are you going to work on them, you may have to upgrade in order to have access to jobs or whatever benefits they are offering.

My point is that, in these programs you are required to sign up with, you may have to virtually upgrade in all of them before you can earn money, and this is something that does not really go down with me very well, even though the fees for the upgrades could be as low as $10 to $20/month or per year as the case may be.

Is It a Scam?

It is too early to say if it is a scam. What really matters is the viability of making the income stream from it. Supposing you can really make money from this program, the work involved is overwhelming and probably the money you may have to spend in order to upgrade in these stipulated companies that you must sign up to could also leave a hole in your pocket. Seriously, personally it does not go down with me very well because the time I have to spend in working on these companies is a valuable time for me to be working on my websites’ updates which I know for certain will fetch me far more than what these programs could fetch me.

Therefore, it may really be for a newbie that hasn’t found something worthwhile doing on the internet. Do not get me wrong, it is possible to make money from this type of program, even serious money, but what is the degree of that possibility?

My Verdict

Ok, my verdict is that I don’t really dig it! And I am not saying you shouldn’t or you should join, but I have tried to lay it all out for you to make your judgment on whether to join or not. Instead of this I would rather search for how to start an online business for free and give it my time, hard work and patience for it to work, which will certainly sustain me for the rest of my life.

It can be frustrating when you are spending all the time and money in a program and all you get is a peanut. Of course, you can go ahead to sign up, after all it is ‘’FREE’’.

If you have any question or contribution, you are welcome to drop it in the comment box below.