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Ideas about website are highly necessary especially if you intend to build one for online Website Ideasbusiness. Being grounded or well informed about website ideas will surely prepare one to avoid mistakes that could be costly. For instance, when you stop taking action in website business, you start losing money big; it is as simple as that. You may have thought about making money of recent but you haven’t taking action just yet, or perhaps you have not made your first $1000.

It is OK if you haven’t made your first $1000 yet, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make way more than that if you have gathered the website ideas and implemented them correctly.

Tell you what, do not wait until you have figured everything out before you start your website business, you can start while you learn on the way. Ask many people that are successful today with their website, they will tell you that they started while they learn, and things started falling into place, and that is including me. So, the key to getting website ideas is taking action, period.

If you are a newbie or professional, I would highly suggest you read my #1 recommendation which I believe would guide you on how to build that website with ideas that would help you to excel in no time for free. There, you will be shown how to create, outsource and run your website successfully. I would rather say you are lucky to have found this article because, what you are about to discover for yourself if you take ‘’action’’ is priceless.

Building a website could be so easy and can make you a great deal of money if you do the right thing. Nevertheless, there are websites that the owners put in some amount of time for planning and all that, but eventually failed. There is no way you can start building anything without a ‘’blue print’’, otherwise you will end up forgetting a whole lot of important details that would help you build whatever it is you want to build. The same with creating or building a website, you need a blue print and that is why I recommend a program that is free which will help you build an ideal website by way of teaching (blue print) you and giving you tasks to accomplish toward building your website.

Have Your Visitors in Mind

Building a website is one aspect, but the other aspect is the ability to get traffic across to your website. And you can only achieve that if you give your audience every reason to visit your website. So, you can get visitors over to your website with informational tips, guides or tutorials. Something that would make them (visitors) to visit again and even invite a friend, share and like your work. Videos and audios are other ways you can make your website useful to visitors.

Forums or Chat Rooms to talk with likeminded people, free downloads, games and puzzles are very many other ways to attract visitors to your website. Anything you can do to help people is what you must use your website for, in order to get visitor over. After all, traffic is the bottom line of creating a website in the first place. Without it, you will not be able to sell whatever it is you are selling, and you will not be able to make money.

Understanding Your Target Audience

In order to increase traffic to your website, you should be able to understand your target audience. You should know what they think, what they expect from you as a website owner and so on and so forth. Once you are able to think like they do, you will be on the same page with them and they won’t be bored with what you have to offer on your website.

You can use these means to better understand your audience; always ask your visitors to drop a comment, use Google Analytics and perhaps survey your users.

Selecting a Niche with Less Competition

If you are not careful in selecting your niche, you may end up with highly competitive niche that could be very difficult for you excel in. For instance, a niche called business forum that could result in about 500 million when searched on Google, you can try to narrow it down to male business forum, which could be down to 3 million when searched on Google. You can further narrow it down to 2 million or so by using a niche called young male business forum. By so doing, you have been able to cut off a lot of competitions that could delay your success in website business.

Here are some examples:

  • Recipes-Dessert Recipes-Chocolate Dessert Recipes
  • Football-Female Football-Young Female Football
  • Sports-Water Sports-Extreme water sports

These are some ideas of how to cut off competitions when selecting a niche. If you do this correctly you would have cut off about 50% hurdles of succeeding with your website.

Making Money with Your Website

Now this is the part that would probably interest you the most. But I must say this should be the least that should interest you the most. What should interest you the most should be getting useful information across to your audience. Always having the zeal to help your visitors through your website, only then can you experience a real success.

Now how to monetize your website in order to make money when you are busy helping your audiences. Monetizing your website all depends on what your target audience could be interested in. For instance, you have a health and fitness website, you should be able to understand what kind of things your visitor should be interested in. I believe stuff like vitamin supplements, milk shakes and exercising equipment will be right for your audience. So, what you will do is sign up with Amazon or Walmart, where most of these stuff could be found. Become an affiliate to any of them or both if necessary, and direct traffic to their website for these stuffs to be purchased and get commissions in return.

Or you can apply for Google Adsense and run it on your website.

Giving Your Website Exposure

How to promote and expose your website to the public is to use mediums like the Google Adword or Bing, Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and linkedin, blogposts, related website. These are some viable ways of giving your website exposure that it needs. I suggest, if you don’t have money to promote your website using Google adword or Bing, you can work hard on your website by posting useful information consistently and sharing them to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Website Design and Appearance

It is true that appearance can really have an effect on how successful your website couldWebsite Ideas be. Some folks would even urge you to hire a website designer in order to get an appealing website. But I say to you, you can do all by yourself. Yes, you can do it, just sign up to the program I recommended. How about knowing how to do it and even sell your know-how to others that would want to create a website. Just don’t miss the opportunity of signing up to this program because it is free, you have got nothing to lose.

That being said, the qualities that make up a good website design is not that type that is flashy and shiny, but the one that is simple, and less distractive by unnecessary designs. A fast loading website that has good texts on a clear background would really appeal to people.


There are very many other things I wish to tell you, but it can’t be contained on this article alone. But like I said earlier, you can learn while you take ‘’action’’ in creating your website. Learning everything before building a website could be overwhelming, unless you want to hire the service of someone, which I think is not necessary.

Once again, just click here to join for free and experience once in a life time opportunity of knowing how to build your website, or would I say, of getting a website ideas.

I do hope I have been able to clear some issues on website ideas, and if you do have a question, comment or contribution, please do not hesitate to drop it at the comment box below.

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