What does it take to build a Successful website?

I have written a lot of articles on this matter which is ‘’what does it take to build a successful website.

I speak from experience, and I have started a website and abandoned it for nearly a year and came back and revived it. I have also built a site and abandoned it and have not done anything about it and I don’t know if I will still resurrect it again because I allowed the domain name to expire.

So, why is that? You might ask. The reason is simply that I got tired and frustrated for not seeing any success on the horizon.

Why did I feel it was a dead end?

There are times like this in every pursuit in life, especially one that has to do with succeeding. And I guess the wholeWhat does it take to build a Successful website? essence of life is all about succeeding and climbing the ladder of success. This gives a sense of living and purpose in life otherwise; we might just get depressed and go south. And of course everyone has different views of success, and that could be anything from succeeding financially, spiritually, physically and psychologically, but there is always one reaction that happens when any of these is failed to be achieved and that is giving up.

And this is exactly what I did, I gave up! But in the business of building a successful website, giving up is not an option, instead of to react, you act. Pro-activeness is one of the elements of succeeding in online business. See what is not working and try something else and you don’t quit.

So, I did give up but only retreated to come back with a renewed resolution to succeed. See, there is nothing wrong with failing or not getting it right, but it is a big deal when you fall and you refuse to get back up and that is when you are actually a failure.

There are two ways you may decide to use and reach your goal of building a successful website and these are;

  • By learning the right ways and rudiment of building a website and aggressively follow it through without giving up no matter what.
  • Or, you can decide to do the shortcut by trying to manipulate the search engine in order to succeed within a short period of time.

Building a successful website naturally and organically

Building a successful website naturally is learning the right ways and rudiment of building a website and aggressively following it through. This is the way most webmasters shy away from because they think it is difficult to breakthrough.

This method of building a website is otherwise regarded as the white hat SEO; which means you have to play by the book and not doing anything that is against the Google guidelines. This includes doing ON and Off page SEO correctly, writing a quality, original and engaging articles.

This method usually does not cost a lot of money but it requires your knowledge in your niche, persistence, and perseverance to succeed.

And the time frame of seeing a breakthrough with the website cannot be established because it varies. Some people see success quicker than others, while there are some that give up eventually, and it is entirely up to you to decide whether to succeed or to give up.

Building a successful website by manipulation

Building a successful website by manipulation works both ways, you may either succeed or have your website destroyed; it all depends on how you approach it.

There are a lot of self-proclaimed SEO experts out there that tell you what you must do in order to rank on the first page of Google. Not that their ideas will not ordinarily work, but most of the time the method is often against Google guidelines.

Some are smart enough to cover their ‘’footprints’’ when they roll out these unlawful methods on the website they are working on so that Google will not be able to dictate the foul play.

Now, if you are familiar with how Google works you may have noticed that Google updates its search engine algorithm from time to time, a couple of times in a year for the major updates. They have over the years rolled out all different types of major updates such Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Mobile, RankBrain, Possum, Fred and the recent one they just did in March 2018 without a name and many sites were impacted negatively while some were impacted positively. Aside from that, they also have smaller updates they do on a more regular basis.

Why is Google doing all of these things? It is because they want to provide an enhanced and better search experience for the users of the search engine by eliminating as many ‘rogue’’ websites as possible, but sometimes some clean websites get in the crossfire and get demoted in the search engine as a result of a penalty.  However, many websites that have not applied all the necessary caution while trying to prop up their presence in the search engine are mostly affected, while the smart ones get away with it.

So, while trying to manipulate the search engine by engaging in black/gray hat SEO there is the risk of losing the website entirely because Google is taking every step to ensuring that these types of practices do not go unpunished.

Moreover, to be able to do this, you have to have a lot of money to spend which I guess if you had you won’t be trying to build a website for online business.

You have to decide…

You have to either work with the natural method of building a successful website or opt to use the manipulative SEO method to do so. This is a critical decision that is fundamental to creating an enduring and successful website.

From experience, it is always smart to go about building your website according to Google’s guideline because if you choose to do otherwise, you might be succeeding in the first instance but could all crumble before your eyes in the long run.

If you are just starting out, or if you don’t really have all the knowledge required to start up your website, I would recommend you using an online resource such as the Wealthy Affiliate that is well designed to help both beginners and advanced webmaster to advance their online business objective.

Wealthy Affiliate has a track record of helping people to succeed and they have got a good reputation as well. You may start with their free starter package and subsequently, upgrade to premium membership when you think it is necessary.

If you have difficulty registering with them then you might just have to upgrade to premium membership because there are some countries that are excluded from having the free registration and basic membership; such countries include, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, and Vietnam.

The reason for the exclusion of these countries is because these countries are believed to have a high rate of fraud and spam.

However, you may contact me via the comment box to help you out with any problem you may have.

But if you are looking forward to using the option B towards building your website, i.e. using the manipulative SEO method then I will suggest you get in touch with Matthew Woodward’s website.

You might as well use The Hoth SEO to get your website ranked. They have good customer care professionals whom you can schedule a talk with and they will give you a call and discuss your problem and also advise you on what to do or which one of their packages is best for you.

These two SEO websites I think are reliable and you might just get the break you are looking for with their services.


Building a successful website takes commitment, passion, patience, and perseverance. If you have got these attributes then you might just make it big in the online business by living full time off of your website. You can afford to live the lifestyle you have always desired because of the revenue generated by your website.

Try to take your time and decide on the niche website you wish to create and do not be tempted to start with more than one website. You can always create another one when you have been able to get your first website off the ground. By so doing, you won’t be distracted with too many things and worries.

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