What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before now, I usually think that everyone should know what Affiliate Marketing is. It is awhat is affiliate marketing common sense to me…or so did I think. Until I realized that there are tons of people that do not know what affiliate marketing is all about. And so, I decided to clear the air with this piece of article on what is affiliate marketing.

I will be discussing in a more elaborate way of what is affiliate marketing. Yet, the definition is very simple and unambiguous. Affiliate marketing could simply be defined as making money by promoting and selling other people’s product/service by earning commission on each sale that was made by the person’s referral.

I do hope you get the concept? This means you can earn money from product(s) that is or are not even yours. Many people are really making money from this business model.

Affiliate marketing could be done off or online, depending on which way an individual decides to pursue it. However, affiliate marketing is widely practiced by online business owners because of the advantage of getting wider audiences and also is affordable to start up.

That being said, I wish to discuss the online aspect of affiliate marketing. I will discuss how to start, what you need to consider before starting and so on and so forth.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Before you consider going into affiliate marketing, there is the need for you to get yourself acquainted with rudiments of building up a very good affiliate marketing foundation. Yes of course, I can and will tell you what you need to do in this article, but there is the need to join a good affiliate marketing program that will help you start up as a professional one.

What You Will Need to Start Up Affiliate Marketing

You Need a Website

First thing first, you will need a website in order to start up affiliate marketing. Although, there are people that could do that without a website, but I strongly advice to have a website because that will be the foundation of your business. If you are able to build up a good website that will attract enough traffic, you will be just fine.

The other thing that you should consider is what type of website builder you should use to help you achieve your objective. There are couples of website builders out there such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. Some like to use any of those mentioned, but I would recommend WordPress because of its content management system (CMS) that is newbie friendly. You can manipulate it to give you a greater result, even if you know nothing about building a website.

However, you can also use Blogger if you so desire, as it is owned by Google with free hosting as well.


A niche is what your website will be all about. For instance, computer game website will solely revolve around computer game related topics. So also, you have to decide on what dimension of topic your site would be all about.Niche, should have been the very first thing you must have resolved before building a website. And for the purpose of being successful with your website, it will be wise to choose a niche in an area you are interested in. If you are passionate about football, why not start up a football site where you will share your views, football product-reviews and current events as well.

Write Quality and Helpful Article

You must write a good article for your website. Not just a good, but one that will be helpful and engaging to your audiences. This is very important, because this is what is going to determine if you will be the super man in this business at the long run. Writing constant quality content is where most of the challenges lie. If you are able to keep flooding your website with fresh and new content for certain period of time, then you will be well on your way to success. You should always aim to entertaining or helping people with your website, as the case maybe.

Decide on a Lucrative Affiliate Product/Service(s)

Remember, you only think about affiliate product/service when you must have built and posted some quality articles on your website. You will have to carefully do your research to find product or service that is related to your niche to promote. Some products/services are better than the other, as they have different rates in consumer demand and commission.


There are bunch of things I did not explain here because they are too many. But like I said, you will need some guidance to build your online business. And you can only do so when you find a good affiliate marketing program that will navigate you to the right direction. Where everything will be simplified as you learn and build your website that will be formidable.

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