What is Commission Cartel? A must read!

You wish to know what Commission Cartel is, right? Well, I will explain what Commission What is Commission Cartel? A must read!Cartel is in the simplest terms possible. However, I have never stopped to wonder why there is so many online money making programs, no, not owned by different individuals but by the same person. In case you have not noticed, there are many online programs that are owned by the same person, and when you go through the content of these programs they appear to be the same but different names with different promises of how they could help you make money online. I will tell you why I said this in the course of this article.

What is Commission Cartel?

Commission Cartel is another program or product by Michael Cheney which is found on commissioncartel.com. I said another product of Michael Cheney because he has another product which I happened to have reviewed called Commission Machine. I wonder why Michael Cheney is so prone or attracted to the word ”commission”.  I guess is because it relates to what we are looking for online, which is making a commission. I guess you must have understood why I said in the beginning of this article, why do individuals own multiple products that could be in the real sense one and the same going by their contents.

So, this product called the Commission Cartel was released in 2016, which Michael Cheney says he has put the best ways he has learned in his over 10 years experience to help anyone that wishes to make money online. He goes further to claim that you could make a whole lot of money should you implement the techniques in this product.

He says (Michael Cheney) he makes up to $1,442 per day, which means on the average, anyone that would use the same product could make $500 or more in a month using the same techniques he laid out in this product.

Basically, he says that his biggest secret is his technique on how to build an email list of prospective buyers and using the proper sales funnel for these prospects in order to make money off of their purchase.

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, there are different packages at different costs.

  • The basic package cost a onetime $16.95 where you will have access to the Commission Cartel dossier, training video, audio, blueprint.
  • There is the Godfather Package, which is a one-time $27, which gives you access to a ‘’never released before’’ done-for-you commission creating campaigns, with promotional materials and discount coupons.
  • The Secret Weapons package is also a onetime $47, which gives you access to ready-made money-making promo templates and a bonus on ‘’how to turn emails into money programs’’.

Does it Work?

Now, you may be thinking that having access to Commission Cartel Dossier and so on is not too much. Yes, it is not too much, but the question is, can you make that $500 in a month as Michael Cheney promises on his sales page? The answer is, I don’t think so, because, if the basic package could help you to make that money in a month, then there will be no need for other additional packages, right?

So, you may have to buy all the packages in order to see the kind of result Michael Cheney promises. Even at that, there are complaints from the product users as well. See screenshot of complaints below.

These complaints are just the very few I could screenshot.

My Opinion

As you may have already suspected, this product has a lot of flaws that screams ‘’run’’.

  • First, the complaints are mostly from the fact that the content of the product is conflicting and not very clear.
  • And there is no money back guarantee just in case you don’t like the product.
  • Obviously, you can’t get support if you have a problem, even though they may have stated that you can email Michael Cheney himself but from the complaints that seems not to be working.

Do not believe all the reviewers that may have given this product thumbs-up because it does not worth the money or your time. If you are looking for an alternative of how to make money online I will like to introduce you to my #1 program which you can register for free to find out for yourself if it worth going premium.

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