What is Empowr, a Scam?-Sincere Review

What is Empowr, a Scam?-Sincere Review

The name Empowr looks like the Empower Network the MLM, if you know the latter or have heard about it, you will discover that the two can be confusing at first glance. And Empower Network does not represent a good program to many and therefore may want to use the same judgment for Empowr even though the two are very different and separate websites. So, it will be only fair to find out what Empowr is all about before passing judgment instead of being prejudiced about it.

It is great as you have decided to find out what Empowr is all about hence the question, what is Empowr, a Scam? In a very short while that question will be cleared and you will know if it is safe to pitch a tent with this program or not, just don’t go away but keep on reading.

What is Empowr?

Like I initially asserted, Empowr is different from Empower Network as their functions or bases varies to the opposite directions. Empowr is more like a social media network just like Facebook, and Google Plus, as a matter of fact, it is more like Facebook because of its color and icon kind of look like Facebook.  But the only difference is that you will make money even when you are just a member posting just about anything. Yes, I have gotten your attention. It is owned by Brandie Williams and Michael Pousti who have made a significant internet presence over the years now.

I gathered that Empowr uses to be Fanbox and Project Uplift but these have metamorphosed to Empowr.

How does it Work?

This is a good question because I had to register myself in order to understand it better and support what I have learned directly from the site with what people are saying. Now, it is free to join just like any other social media network. As a matter of fact, upon registration and posting one random comment without even setting up my profile, I earned $20 and I can’t even explain how. I was supposed to be excited about this but I wasn’t because I have seen way too much flash in a pan programs that would make you believe you have earned money but only for you to discover it was a TRAP! So, instead of being excited I was suspicious and very careful as to how I go about giving out my personal details.

Besides, I have also noticed a lot of people complaining of the defect in their payment structure. After registering you are expected to choose your daily earning option which will determine how much you be making a day maximumly. There are categories of earning options such as:

  • Bronze- Zero out of pocket expenses and lowest monthly earnings
  • Silver- Good daily earnings and small out of pocket expenses.
  • Gold- Affordable out of pocket expenses and great daily earnings
  • Platinum- Best value, by far, excellent daily earnings, half the overall cost out of pocket expenses based on advertising utilized.

What is Empowr, a Scam?-Sincere Review


Those were how it was written by Empowr and you can see the screenshot up above.  So, if you go for anyone in those categories other than the bronze, your credit card will be demanded and will be charged $1 and be refunded to verify if the credit card you submitted is operational. Then, you have also agreed to Empowr to charge your credit card or PayPal anytime you used more than $2 worth of fees without having to notify you.

So, what I did was to register for bronze to avoid submitting my bank account details, but then I noticed I was able to post only once because it appears that is the limit for a free member such as me, but I am OK with that.

You may also choose to advertise your own product or services just as Facebook does, that is run an advertisement campaign.

Does it Work?

Yet another good question! In that regard I can’t clearly say if it works or not because no one has come out to say from the community that he or she has been able to cash out this certain amount of money, instead it was complaints upon complaints of how they were charged unjustly by Empowr and how their earnings that use to be so fat suddenly shrunk by 90% or more as a result of the charges by Empowr. Now, how much you make is not clear and so also how they arrive at charging 90% of one’s earnings are not also clear. And the other thing is that they will charge your credit card once you have used more than $2 but you can only be able to cash out your earnings in 3 months time which would have shrunk to a peanut.

Final Thought

That being said, I have observed one thing with Empowr network and that is the uncertainty with their payment structure and receiving of payments. I suggest that you register and stay as a free member without having to submit your bank account details, that way you can get to use it just as you would use any social media network and perhaps promote your business.

However, to what extent can one do all these things as a free member is still not very clear but I still intend to update this post as I progress as a free member with Empowr.  And I am also concerned about one having to wait for 3 months before being able to receive payment whereas they are quick to charge your credit card once you have used more than $2 fee. Can’t they possibly remove that charge from the money you have already made?

Moreover, even if you stayed as a free member, you will still make money, I hope you know that?  But the issue is that at a point Empowr will be bombarding you with emails asking you to claim your earnings which mean, there is a certain amount of money you have to pay before the earnings will be released to you. So, if they do, just ignore the message and keep on using as a social media user.

If you are really searching for ways to make money online then I suggest my #1 recommendation that will sure help you become financial independent. Having to earn money from Empowr is not certain that you can make any decent amount of money even if they get to pay out after 3 months. Therefore, take this offer and register for free and invest on a REAL online business. I can I assure you that you will not be disappointed if you are sincere about making money online.

Feel free to post your comments or question below in the comment box.

6 thoughts on “What is Empowr, a Scam?-Sincere Review

  1. Thank you for this review. I did not know Empowr, but I think it is not a good way to earn money online. What do you suggest? How can I make my internet incomes? Cheers

    1. Hello Andrew, If you had finished the article you should have seen the recommended Program right there. This program will help you build a real and strong online business that you will ever be grateful that you joined.

  2. Honest review appreciated! There are SO many companies that say they can make you rich and quick. There isn’t a get rich quick recipe for online business! It takes time and consistency.

    1. Yes, Houston, there is no program that could make you rich instantly, you must work and follow a structure that would make that happen in due course.

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