1. siewmj@gmail.com

    I will never buy into such nonsense, who in the world will pay you money to do something as simple as reading emails

  2. Brent

    Thank you for that review. I have never heard of PTR but now I know to not even bother to look into it for legitamy. You do great work in warning fellow humans of scams out there.

  3. Ed

    I have gotten emails from companies that are doing PTR. Usually, you get less than a penny and email. Something like .003
    So there are legit ones if you want to make $1 a week! LOL
    Thanks for the information.

  4. Maurice

    Thanks for this review to many times people fall for get rich quick schemes. I hope others take time to read this. Make sure you post this in the right places

  5. roxen

    well thank you for sharing this, there a many websites that promise you lots of money and after they make you pay for their promises they disappear or just stop working… i never heard of this one but now i know, i will sure not commit to it. i also agree with you that we have to work hard for making money in every system we choose. money don’t grow in trees

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