What is Genuine PTR? Scam Review!

What is Genuine PTR? Scam Review!

First and foremost, Genuine PTR stands for Paid to Read, in other words, you get paid to read. But I feel like saying something personal before moving forward, but I promise you that it has a bearing on this review or what the topic is all about.

I started out to write about this post, ‘’what is Genuine PTR?’’ reluctantly, why? Because I don’t feel like to write anything, I am kind of feeling differently and need to be doing nothing. But, that is not how building online income works, you have to be consistent and believe in what you do otherwise, sooner or later you will abandon what you have started (supposedly that will fetch you money online) even before you have started, and that is what truly happens with most people that have started an online business, only for them to abandon ship simply because they can’t cope with its demand of work, patience, and perseverance.

So, how does this concern the topic today? It concerns it in every way because this tells you that you don’t just make money online by simply reading an email and you will make a $100 for it! It is common sense but I will go into detail about it.

What is Genuine PTR?

I came across this and I became intrigued about its system of making money and I said to What is Genuine PTR? Scam Review!myself this could be another way of making a lot of money without really putting so much work and waiting for too long before making this money, and so I decided to write about it as soon as I was done reviewing it, and my findings are these.

Genuine PTR is a website that says you make money when you read an email. When you register as a free member and read an email, you will make a $100 for doing that, and when you are a premium member, you will earn $200 for reading an email, is that not awesome? Ok, it is but it is too good to be true and it probably is.

It was founded by David Clockwise and has been around for some couple of years now, and I wonder how it managed to stay up and running, but then I remember this is the internet, there are newcomers all the time that don’t know any better and that would fall for it.

How does it work?

Like I said, you will get a $100 for simply reading an email, but it has to be for 30 seconds because you will be set on a timer, but you will make 2 times of that if you are a premium member. Then, it goes on to say you can only cash out as a free member when you must have reached the threshold of $25000 but can cash out at any time if you are a premium member.

How much does it cost to join?

You can join for free and you might as well join as a premium member. To join as a premium member you will have to pay the sum of $99. Another interesting thing about the Genuine PTR is that you can buy your referrals and if you choose to do so, that will cost you about $25 for 50 active referrals. Free member gets the follow:

  • $100 per email read
  • Gets 25% of every referrals’ earnings
  • $500 Signup bonus
  • $50 referral bonus
  • Every national is welcome
  • Can  cash out when you have earned up to $25000

Premium member gets the following:

  • Free gift of Think Pad X220’’ (Even though it is no longer available on Lenovo as at the time of this review)
  • 50% discount on everything ( I don’t it, 50% discount on what?)
  • $200 per email read
  • Cash out anytime
  • Online support 24/7
  • Payouts will be made within 144 hours
  • Payments are made through the following means below for both Free and Premium

What is Genuine PTR? Scam Review!

Is it legit?

When you say, is it legit? I believe you mean to ask if it is not a scam right. Well, I think based on my findings that Genuine PTR is a scam because there way too many complaints against it. You can read of these complaints here.  People have loads and loads of complaints about this website and I still wonder why it is still in existence until this day. But like I said, it takes the advantage of naïve people that don’t know any better to sign up to it and believe that they can make money and really get paid.

Someone actually said he could not access the website when he was due to cash out. Be guided please, on the link I provided above where you can find complaints against Genuine PTR, there are very few positive comments there which I personally believe to be some sort of misleading so that people might actually think there are some that are getting paid by the company.

And yes, you can also find some positive reviews by some website owners who are convinced by it without knowing better and they trying to make you their referral.  Let’s be logical, how can someone pay you $25,000 for reading emails? How can someone give a Think Pad X220’’ that is worth more than your premium fee? I believe there are strings attached and I will only admonish you to save yourself from all that by walking away.


I have almost pointed all there is to point at, at least the main points that prove Genuine PTR is not legit. It is not as easy as that to make money online folks. I have to work my *ss off in order to create this website and bring it to the current status that it is now and I have never stopped working because it needs working on all the time. But when you persevered and keep on working on your online business, it will pay off in the long run. It is just like a race, if you don’t give up and throw in the towel you will emerge a winner and ultimately enjoy the dividend of your effort and hard work.

Therefore, if you are willing to start something worthwhile and legit just like I started, you can do it, all you got to do is just click on my #1 recommendation without any complications, up-sells, and strings attached.

5 thoughts on “What is Genuine PTR? Scam Review!

  1. I will never buy into such nonsense, who in the world will pay you money to do something as simple as reading emails

  2. Thank you for that review. I have never heard of PTR but now I know to not even bother to look into it for legitamy. You do great work in warning fellow humans of scams out there.

  3. I have gotten emails from companies that are doing PTR. Usually, you get less than a penny and email. Something like .003
    So there are legit ones if you want to make $1 a week! LOL
    Thanks for the information.

  4. Thanks for this review to many times people fall for get rich quick schemes. I hope others take time to read this. Make sure you post this in the right places

  5. well thank you for sharing this, there a many websites that promise you lots of money and after they make you pay for their promises they disappear or just stop working… i never heard of this one but now i know, i will sure not commit to it. i also agree with you that we have to work hard for making money in every system we choose. money don’t grow in trees

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