What is Market Buster? In depth Review

What is Market Buster? In depth Review

First of all, Market Buster is an app used in trading Binary Option. For the benefit of thoseWhat is Market Buster? In depth Review that do not know what Binary Option is, I will like to explain that a little bit so that there will be an understanding for everyone concerning Market Buster.

Binary Option is a kind of currency trading similar to Forex trading if you know what that means but with a difference. In Binary Option, you have to bet either that a certain currency is going to gain value over the other within a period of time that can be from 1 minute to several hours. When your prediction comes true you will gain about 80 to 85% of the money you used in betting. Unlike in Forex, you cannot cancel or close an already existing bet until the time you set expires. However, I have seen some Binary Options Brokers that claim they give the option of closing a position at any time but yet to verify that.

Let me explain the implication of not being able to close a trade or position. The implication is that you cannot close a trade when your prediction is right but have not reached the expiry time you set. If it were in Forex trading you can close a trade when you feel is no longer safe to continue but it is not the same with Binary Option and probably that is why the amount to win is predetermined, even also the loss.

What is Market Buster?

Now that you have an inkling of what a Binary Option is, then, what is Market Buster? Market Buster is an application owned by Ethan Taylor, designed to auto trade for you. It is a robot or BOT designed with a secret algorithm to decide when to trade, which currency to trade and to determine if to buy or sell a certain currency. It is said to be designed to weigh the losses and the gains of a given trade and based on this it will determine which action to take for you.

It is software downloadable for free on the internet but you have to subscribe to Binary Options broker of their choice. Usually, they claim that their software works better with the broker’s platform but what I understand is that the owner of this application gains certain commission from the broker each time someone subscribes to their platform using the app. Whereas others are of the opinion that the app.is not really owned by whom they supposedly claim that owns it but the broker company so that they can have subscribers to their platform and the minimum amount to subscribe with is $250.

The Claims

What do they claim that you stand the chance of gaining if you use Market Buster?  High profit to the tune of $2000 in a day, and usually you will see a headline that says it has a winning ratio of 70% on their website. They (all the different app owners) all say that and seriously that is very catchy and enticing, and I had once fallen for it (not Market Buster).

Is it a Scam?

Ahhhhh, the big question! Is a scam? Is it safe to use? I wish to ask you one question, why would anybody with an app that has 70% ratio of accurateness want to put it out there for free? Why would they make it a mandatory for you to use a certain broker? Is it not obvious that if the app does what they claim it does it won’t be for free? If they themselves could use the app and make $2000 a day why would they try so hard to make you use it?

Those questions are for you. Now, back to the question, is it a scam? It is not reliably tested and proven that it works. For this reason, I cannot authoritatively say if it is a scam even though the questions I posed to you suggested it is SCAM.


  • The App is FREE to download
  • Welcome Bonus upon registration with their broker
  • Several banking options


  • You need $250 minimum initial deposit
  • There is no evidence of license
  • Like I said earlier that the App was independently tested

My Opinion

I have pretty much said all there is to be said concerning what is Market Buster and if it is a scam. I will not recommend Market Buster to anyone because there is no way a software can predict accurately a market trend. Not only that, I have tested a similar app before and I was highly disappointed. All they kept on doing was urging me to re-credit my account with the assurance that it will work, this time, the same with Forex especially Bforex (Forex broker, read about it here). They are all the same, that is why some people believe that they are all gambling not trading.

I got burnt many times when I was searching for financial freedom online my friend. Forex and Binary Option I tried and even used the so-called robot but to no avail. I even lost more money because I left the fate of my money to some robot/software.

If you are you are willing to heed to the word of advice, then listen to this. To make money online is very possible but it requires hard work, consistency and patience and better with a good program that would guide you on the right path. Learning and knowledge are powerful that they can set you on the way to success. Therefore, I invite you to my #1 recommendation which I recommend to anyone that cares to listen and they that listened never regretted that they did.

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8 thoughts on “What is Market Buster? In depth Review

  1. Ther are so many scams going and it is all based on people’s desperate hopes to make something. Hopefully, Market Buster does not last long? I am glad someone is exposing them. Great article!

    Thank you!

    1. Market Burster is one of the many Binary Options’ Apps that was designed to lure people into believing that this so-called robot will make money for them.

  2. Wow great Site .. Very informative and I am glad that I have visited this site and learned the pro and cons of Market busters and other companies like it.. Too many people are being scammed on the net which then leads them to not believe any business that promises success from home which is why it is great that you’ve added your review of WA and how it works… Thanks for Info I will surely spread my newly found knowledge

  3. When something sounds too good to be true,it usually is! $2,000 a day seems high and like you said why are they spending so much effort trying to sell it? I’m glad you decided to review this product and speed the word so that people are not mislead about the market busted app.

    1. Yes, Jeremy, these guys think everyone can be fooled, though they fooled me once but I will do whatever I can to prevent another person becoming a victim.

  4. Great article, you did a great job helping people from scammed out there. I got burn many times from online brokers. If you try something yourself then it works , that is great to help others. Nice job keep up your good work.


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