What Is No Cost Income Stream- Is It A Scam?

Hi there! Here I come with yet another review on No Cost Income Stream. In other words, what is no cost income streamwhat is No Cost Income Stream, is it a scam, or is it legit? You have that question, other wise you won’t be here on this website. And to be candid, I had the same question too. And so, I went snooping around, to find out what makes NCIS tick! As always, I did my research and even got to their website in order to gather a substantial amount of information. And I did…

What Is No Cost Income Stream?

Well, No Cost Income Stream, which is also known as NCIS is an internet marketing training program designed basically for newbies. They claim that one can start an online business with $0, without having to spend a dime! Which is intriguing I must say. It is owned by Jeff Wellman, Eric Holmlund and Paul Counts. These threesome own and run www.nocostincomestream.com.

How Does It Work?

Initially, you will get about 26 modules with 39 videos that will teach you how to make what is no cost income streammoney online by revealing social media strategies such as the use of youtube, twitter and the other big social media. But, I do understand that they have upgraded the videos to 89 instead of 39, presumably for free.

However, in the NCIS 2.0 the following and more is said to be made available at $37 only:

  • No Cost Income Stream Course 2.0 course-$997
  • Free and powerful graphics tools training plus resell-$197
  • Free and powerful screencasting tools plus resell rights-$197
  • 10 PLR List building packs-reports plus squeeze pages-$297
  • PDF notes of main NCIS 2.0 training-$100
  • 100K affiliate marketing cost-$47
  • And many more…

Now, those values to the packages were done and fixed by NCIS, which they said they will be giving out at $37 over those values. You can resell some of the tools that are provided to you, because you will be given the right to do so. As for the specific training you will be getting without spending a dollar is really sketchy. Except for the 89 training videos that will teach you affiliate marketing and some stuff.


  • It is free to join and start up (Even though I don’t think so)
  • If you register for $37 package, there is a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Some of the ‘free training’ are said to be useful and proven


  • People have complained of experiencing difficulty in getting a refund
  • There were complaints of several upsells
  • May only be good for newbies
  • The PLR resell could only be useful for an experienced IM

My Opinion

There is something about this program that is telling me something is not right. Why? First, how could you say it’s a ‘no cost income stream’ program when in the real sense one cannot get inside without paying $37. How can you tell me, you are doing this to help those aspiring to become Internet Marketers, but lack the money to do so, by giving them the chance and the opportunity (at least, that’s what their marketing video says) and yet you are demanding for credit card.

Now, that alone is a turn-off on its own, because they are contradicting themselves and I might as well call it a SCAM! During my research, someone posted the same comment in favor of NCIS on two different websites that reviewed NCIS. See below for screenshots

What is No Cost Income Stream

The above comments are from this site.

What is No Cost Income Stream

what is no cost income stream

Whereas this one is from this site.

Why would somebody do that? If you look at one of the comments you will notice that a lady was complaining about the services of NCIS, even though she paid for it. That, right there is questionable. She even went further to rebuke the person that posted the comment  that was in favor of NCIS, even though I believe she doesn’t know that, that same person has posted the same comment on another website’s post.

Although I know, about four website’s reviews gave NCIS a thumbs up as an ‘OK’ program, except for one review that concluded that NCIS is a scam, I don’t think I will recommend it. However, this is my personal opinion and you can try it out yourself, but I wouldn’t if I was you.

Therefore, I rate it 2 out 10.


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  1. Lureita Worth

    I enjoy reading your reviews on making money online. I have never hear of NCIS but if I do, based on your review, I would never try it. I’m so glad you are writing these articles. I think you will save people from making big mistakes and save them tons of money. keep up the great work.

    • admin

      Thank you Lureita, and that is the essence of doing a review on programs and services, to save people from losing their money and time.

  2. Debra

    Nice research and comprehensive review. The information will great out there and hopefully give others an idea of how to go about their own research on a company’s claims.

    Well done

    • admin

      Thank you Debra, I am glad you found the review useful. Please do visit again.

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