What is Online Web Cash? – Do not join until You Read this!

Makemeonlinemoney.com tries to bring to you the best and unbiased reviews of internet programs and services because, I in particular have experienced online scams in the past. These programs that come in the form of shiny objects have one mission which is to rip people off their hard earned money and give information that would eventually misguide them until they give up out of frustrations and failures.

It is only logical to look very well before you take that leap to online business or whatever it is you wish to do to earn money online because most of the time the program you sign up for will partly be responsible for your success or failure. That being said, let’s look at what is Online Web Cash. Is it yet another scam, not so good or legit program? This I will be unveiling in due course of this article, stay tuned and don’t go away.

What is Online Web Cash?

Online Web Cash claims to be an online program that could make you to start earning money from home possibly immediately after signing up. They say you will be given a spot in their program where you can take part in sharing the $2.8b generated on the internet every month. Wow, What a promise!

How do they help you to make money?

Yes, they did mention helping you to make money almost upon signing up with them, but they did not explain ‘’how’’ that is going to be possible. Except for some photo shopped images and some testimonials of people claiming they made so much money within a short period of time with the help of Online Web Cash.

Is there Any Training?

Well, as far as I could dig into Online Web Cash there is no training available but they did mention that you don’t require any experience or any kind of skills as long as you can type and access to an internet connection you are set to make money with their program.

Is it free to join?

I thought so, but when I attempted signing up in order to have more information about them, I was prompted to enter my credit card details to confirm if I was a real person. I was supposed to be charged about $1.95 before I will be granted access to:

• Over 1 million products

• Quick start video

• Multiple income streams

• Live support

Do they have a support?

They say they have a support (which on the contrary I don’t think so).

Are they for real or scam?

OK, now you have asked the right question! Now I can bring to the table what I have discovered and think of them. I rarely decide that a program is a scam instead I will give it a low score, maybe it is so because I have not come across a program that is so glaringly a scam as Online Web Cash. I mean, other scam programs do try hard to cover up so that it will appear seemingly a legit program, but that is not the case with Online Web Cash.

First, they call it a program yet there is no program in it because upon signing up to it youWhat is Online Web Cash? - Do not join until You Read this! will be redirected to another website that is entirely different from Online Web Cash called Free Bucket. So, your business with Online Web Cash ends upon signing up with them except they will be earning commissions from any transaction you make with any site it has referred you to, such as Free Bucket; and what does Free Bucket do? Free Bucket is a coupon website that offers discount on everything you buy and the authenticity cannot be established.

Therefore, Online Web Cash promising you to help you make money, and not just any kind of money but money that starts in thousands of dollars in a short period of time is dumbly over exaggerated. I think days have gone when you would have a hyped up website with all kinds of photos of $ rain on it and exotic cars which are intended to convince visitors into signing up are gone. However, there are still people who don’t know any better, and that is why people like us take the time to snoop around and bring them to light.

Let me tell you the cold hard truth. There is no shortcut to make money online without working for it! Most often, scammers use the impatience in some us to lure us into buying one of their crappy products simply because we are looking for the ‘’easy and the fast way’’ of making money online. If making money online is really easy and fast nobody would be working anymore. Offices and companies would be short of staff because everybody would be off to the internet business, right?

The people that are really successful today with their internet business have really worked for it. I am not talking about those that scam their way and rip people off their hard earned money (even though they seem to be successful today, they may not be tomorrow because crime does not pay) but those that really earned it the right way.

It will be healthy for you to stay away from Online Web Cash and any other program that is similar to it.


The right way does not seem attractive right? Even the path to heaven is narrow and straight so does the way to make money online too. In my first year of trying to make a living out of online business I came across a lot of programs and sites that make earning money online to appear easy and fast but that is not really the case. If there is anything these sites do, is to mislead and misguide an online wannabe person that will result in a potential failure.

When you are told the truth and what it takes to succeed online, it will help to equip you mentally, physically and psychologically to succeed once you make up your mind. I am not going to sugar coat everything in order to make you sign up to my recommendation. But if you are ready to put in the time, effort and of course patience into building an online business that would eventually allow you to spend time with your family, work from any part of the world and be able to conveniently pay your bills, then I urge to sign up here for free where you will meet like-minded people, tools and support that you will need to succeed.

I will be glad if you could share any experience with Online Web Cash, or report any program you might think is a scam to us by simply leaving a message in the comment box below. You can also share because sharing is caring.