1. Alham

    Hi thanks for the wonderful info about the product I was wanting to know more about shiny object lemonade before trying it and your website was the best place.

    • Nnamdi

      Thank, Alham, for the visit and finding the post useful.

  2. Pedro

    never heard of that book until i came to your website, might be work a look, got me curious 😉

    Thanks for giving us your review!

    • Nnamdi

      Glad that I did get your curiosity.

  3. Sarah

    So if it’s not suitable for newbies, what level of online marketer do you think this would be bet for? I’ve been a blogger for two years and am now starting to launch my own products and create marketing funnels. Would this be too advanced or too complicated for me? Thanks!

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Sarah, the question is, do you really need it? From your comment, you are not a newbie, which means it can be useful to you but then, do you have shiny object Syndrome? If yes, then you may try it because it could be useful. But if you wish to read it just to add to your knowledge, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

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