What is Web Copy Cat about? Sincere Review

What is Web Copy Cat about? Sincere Review

Now, when I got the wind of Web Cop Cat also known as WCC, I got this bells ringing in myWhat is Web Copy Cat about? Sincere Review head, saying another COPYCAT? What are they copying this time? I must surely find out what Web Copy Cat is all about. At the first instance, I presumed it was another website that offers cheap re-written articles so that you don’t have to write your own article but copy other people’s work and just spin and make it yours but alas, I was wrong, Web Copy Cat is an entirely different thing.

Each time I investigated Web Copy Cat I got intrigued and wanted to know more. But to cut a long story short, I finally found some good information that would help you know what Web Cash is all about. Are they for real, or yet another scam on the internet?.

What is Web Copy Cat?

Web Copy Cat is an online program that is designed basically for newbies and lazy people to get by on online business. To help them set up a profitable online business that would be making money for them without really doing anything rather than your bank account working for you. All you have to do is to subscribe to Web Copy Cat and they will do all the heavy liftings for you by providing the necessities such as setting up the sales funnel, provide a product and driving traffic to it and BANG! You will start to make money.

As a matter of fact, these are the steps Davon Brown the owner says it will require to get you on the way of making money online once you subscribe to Web Copy Cat. The steps are:

  • We set you up (about 8 minutes)
  • Add traffic (about 6 minutes)
  • Collect your commissions

I didn’t make that up; it is all there in their website. And I was like wow, the online business made easy! You get a complete done-for-you system that will be on the autopilot, while you relax and make money almost immediately (by their calculation in 2 days or so). Davon was clear about the system; it is not for teche people that may want to change anything in the system because the system will not allow that as it was specifically designed not to be edited.

He also says that upon registration, that they will set up the system, provide a product for you, send traffic to your sales funnel, collect emails and build a list for you which you will have control on even when you choose to leave the company or cancel the subscription. They will do the follow-up for you and all that and when you eventually make sales you will get 50% commission sent to your PayPal account.

I guess you will say this is pretty great!

How much does it Cost to Join?

As at the time of writing this article, you can join the 10 days trial version that will cost you just a dollar ($1) after which if you wish to continue with them you will be charged $34.95 every month. But that is not all, there are upsells of course because Davon said something about paying his staff $12/hour for working on your online business set up and that will likely take about 2 to 3 hours (this is according to him, I did not make it up). Then, my question now is, what has happened to the claim that it will only take 8 minutes to set you up? Maybe I didn’t quite get him, but I am pretty sure I know what I am talking about.

The other upsell is that you will have to pay WCC to send traffic to your sales funnel after the registration fee. I don’t know exactly how much they will be charging but I think they will have different traffic plans. So, this is the price to pay for not doing a thing and just sitting back and allowing WCC to do all the dirty work for you.

And if you wish to promote WCC as an affiliate, you will get $.50 for each referral and $17.48 for a subsequent month they remain a paying member, that is 50% of their registration fee.

Does it work?

I know that will be the next question that will pop up, does it work? Well, according to my investigations, I discovered that some reviewers gave it thumbs up maybe because they have affiliated with it and others thumbs down just because they are not affiliated with it. But what I can tell you is that there is no way it cannot make money at some point, so, the question you should be asking is, does it worth the money it requires you to invest?

That, I will answer in this manner. Do you think any a person that does not know anything about email marking, building a sales funnel and email list would be of any use to himself? Do you think a person that is paying for all these services owns a business? I don’t think so because should anything happen to that company your business is relying on you are going down with it and you can’t do anything about it. This system in my own opinion will make you obsolete.

And remember, as the name implies, is the same system they use for everyone, they will also use for you, which means the same sales funnel design, same product and so on. It is a pretty much wash, rinse, and repeat system.

However, I am not saying it is a scam because it is not. It is legit and may generate money for you, that’s all to it.

My Opinion

If you have the money to throw around and rather stay without learning you may go ahead to register for it even though I think you don’t have to do that. After all, it is only $1 to get you started for 10 days within which time you will decide if you will stay to become a paying member or not. I read Davon Brown’s article and I think he really meant to help newbies.  But the only problem I am having with this program is the done-for-you auto pilot system that I think is not really helping to develop you in terms of online business system knowledge.

I have a system and a program that works for me. The only problem you will have with this program would be if you are the type that doesn’t want to learn, work and make things happen. If you fit this description then you better stick with Davon Brown’s system otherwise click here to get started for free.

Feel free to drop any question or contribution in the comment box below.

4 thoughts on “What is Web Copy Cat about? Sincere Review

  1. Sound good and only $1 to trial the system but I still do not believe that you do not need to put in work and have other people to put in the work for you. I think it might be too good to be true but why not give it a try lol. it is just $1.

    1. Yes, that is what I also think. But a trial would be necessary if you really want to find out first hand, or you can decide to save yourself all that and register for free with Wealthy Affiliate where you will naturally learn all things from building your website to SEO and eventually making money.

  2. It sounds too good to be true, and in my experience, most things that sound too good to be true, usually are! Besides, if their servers or the system goes down for any reason, you are still left with no experience and no knowledge, unlike with the other system you had mentioned.

    Quick question, are there restrictions in the trial period that you don’t get access to until you pay the monthly fee?

    1. That’s what I am talking about Jason. Done-for-you systems, be it real or fake have their disadvantages. In the case of Web Copy Cat, I think this will only leave you more obsolete.

      Coming to your question, once you register for a free trial you will have access to a squeeze page, a funnel, a number of landing pages and a couple of sales videos. Of course, you ain’t going to have everything a paying member would have. For instance, Brown says they will have everything done you, I guess you are not receiving any of that because he already said that it will cost about $12 per hour for any of his staff to set you up.

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